Enhanced Voice Solution

ERC’s Enhanced Voice Solution (EVS) is our proprietary contact center platform designed to provide synchronized, seamless support for your customers and operational teams. EVS simplifies the service experience through intelligent routing, real-time monitoring, and agile system integrations. Manage your inbound, outbound, and blended interactions with ease, leveraging a customizable and cost-effective telephony system.


Built-in and Tailor-made Integrations

Our solution offers strong integration capabilities for our clients through existing built-in integrations or by developing new ones using APIs.

Transparency and
Real-time Visibility

Our clients can remotely access the EVS Management Portal 24×7 to observe our operations in real-time. We make access to relevant reports and actionable data secure and easy.

Intuitive Interface &
Agent-level Reporting

Our clients rely on ERC to deliver simple to complex tech support — from password resets to desktop configurations. Our tech support discipline at the frontline is as robust as our Tech Innovation Engine.

Always Available and

EVS eliminates single points of failure to ensure business continuity through system and datacenter redundancy. Intentionally designed to support growth, it provides the ability to handle a wide range of concurrent users and interactions at one time.


ACD with ERC-VS Intelligent
Call Routing

Our automatic call distributor, coupled with ERC-VS Intelligent Call Routing, ensures your customer calls are routed to the right agent at the right time. EVS uses sophisticated routing based on agent skill set and availability.

Voice and Screen Recording

Paired with our MARS Voice AI technology, we deliver encrypted voice and screen recording features for all our clients’ customer calls. We then use MARS to create customer “Moments,” mine data, and bring insights back to your customer experience ecosystem.

Agent Prompts

Through the use of scripts we can guide the agent during the call, and collect any data (mandatory or optional) that has to be entered by the agent.

Workforce Optimization
and Staffing

Our EVS solutions offers essential Workforce Management capabilities. Our WFM taps into our agent scheduling and real-time adherence tools to work in tandem with the operations managers and supervisors to ensure appropriate staffing at an intra-day level.

Dialer Integration

We can quickly deploy a scalable dialer solution for your customer outreach, sales, and retention campaigns. This is at the heart of everything we do. Our built-in dialer enables us to increase the agent production time through intelligent autodialing across progressive, preview, and blast dialing modes.

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