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Monitoring and reporting system

Transform every customer interaction with the power of AI

With MARS, continuous improvement has never been easier. We monitor and analyze 100% of your interactions – across multiple channels to optimize the customer experience through actionable performance management insights and real-time business intelligence.



MARS AI Platform allows you to have access to every second of every interaction. Its powerful technology allows us to transcribe every interaction, and utilize sentiment analysis to take customer experience and agent coaching to the next level. 

Customer Satisfaction

Identify rockstar agents who turn customer’s negativity around or reach out to unsatisfied individuals to ensure exemplary service. MARS, analyzes and provides insights post-interaction, but also allows managers to flag any issues and coach agents in real-time to provide the best customer experience.

Business Intelligence

The powerful insights mined through MARS can help you expand and even change the way you do business. Through our knowledgeable people and our investment in the constant evolution of MARS, we can help you take the satisfaction of your customers and business to the next level. Understand your customers’ expectations and take action to guide any desired outcome.

QA Efficiency

Since the launch of MARS, ERC’s QA efficiency has increased by 91%. On average, QA Teams only go through 2% of the total number of interactions; MARS has enabled our team to analyze performance on 100% of the customer interactions in less time, so they can focus on mining the insights that matter the most. 

Coaching & Training

We maintain a closed loop with our agents by translating data and insights into actionable performance improvement opportunities at the frontline. The strong partnership between our QA, Compliance and Insights Teams’ with our operations and training has reduced agent onboarding time by 34%.


The Power of AI

Best speech recognition support in the market. Our AI transcribes voice from millions of calls each week and improves with each call. Speech NLP – Natural Language Processing –  even picks up terms specific to your business, allowing for deeper insights and analysis. 

Our technology automatically redacts all sensitive data, because we know how important the security of your customer’s PII and PCI data are to your business. 

We differentiate between Dead Air, Hold Time, and more to accurately gauge performance. 

We provide context on customer sentiment by tagging all instances of strong emotions displayed toward your business & agents.

Performance Enhancement

A software technology that transcribes 100% of customer interactions and is able to derive deep insights, and trends, from customer satisfaction to compliance, from individual agent effectiveness to organization-wide performance.

Scorecards & Reporting

We have the power to configure every client’s scoreboard to show the metrics that truly matter to you. We make data-driven coaching decisions and automatically identify top and bottom performers to prioritize coaching for agents that need help the fastest.

QA Scoring Automation

Automated scoring reduces manual work for QA staff — making possible targeted performance data analysis and time to liaise with coaches and team leaders.

Simplified Reporting

MARS’ custom reporting drives intelligence back to your customer experience ecosystem. We tailor daily interactions and evaluation forms to seamlessly compare trends and historical data to guide and simplify coaching and training modules.

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Schedule a Complimentary CX Consultation

Not sure how we can help you? Talk with one of our experts.

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