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ERC’s Recovery Services

Our recovery strategy brings together slick, proven operational practices and deep performance analytics. Together, they determine resource allocation through a review process to maximize performance at all levels.


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Pre charge-off collections has been a top service since 2005. With dedicated teams, our Operations group can create team cultures blending our client’s values with our own for a seamless extension of your brand. We are focused on driving results and maintaining the highest levels of compliance and quality.

Early Stage

At the earliest stage of the collection cycle; the primary focus is getting customers back into a current paying status. Having positive impacts on roll rates while protecting the brand and maintaining customer loyalty are keys to success in this stage

Late Stage

During this mid to late stage of the pre charge off collection cycle, the goal is to prevent customers from write-off. Setting up a reasonable payment plan to get back to a current status while educating customers on the timing of their account will provide the best customer experience on behalf of your brand.


Post charge-off collections is the foundation of our organization. Our Executive and Operational management teams all started their careers out as agents on the phones. We leverage this experience and drive to execute custom strategies to maximize recoveries. This team understands that efficiency is one of the most critical factors for our business to balance operational performance and financial performance. While we specialize in later stage tiers, we have the ability to share resources with our offices in other geographies to execute high performance in all post charge-off tiers. Our ability to scale and use dynamic solutions assist us in seamless growth.

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Schedule a Complimentary CX Consultation

Not sure how we can help you? Talk with one of our experts.

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